The (not so) Ubiquitous Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons

Getting those 20% discounts at Bed, Bath and Beyond may not last forever.

For as long as most of us can remember, retailer Bed, Bath and Beyond (BB&B) has been plying us with coupons. The most common is the 20% off a single item. But there are also ones for $5 off purchases of $15 or more and $10 off purchases of $30 or more.

Here are some facts and recommendations for utilizing those (formerly) ubiquitous coupons. And making the most of your dollars spent at BB&B:

  • Printed coupons (from newspapers and mailings) have expiration dates. But the expiration dates are largely ignored. I’ve had the local BB&B store accept coupons that expired 10 years ago! Don’t throw out BB&B coupons just because they expired!
  • More than one 20% off coupon can be used at a time; example: if you are purchasing 5 items and have 5 – 20% off coupons, you get 20% off each item, all in a single transaction.
  • Forgot your coupon(s)? You can return later with a receipt and get a refund for the difference.
  • Keep in mind that emailed coupons may be subject to the expiration date.
  • Select the coupon that gives you the most savings. The table below works for purchasing a single item. For multiple items, figure out which combination of coupons saves the most.
Under $15.00 20% Off
$15.00 – $18.75 $5.00 Off
$18.76 – $30.00 20% Off
$30.00 – $37.50 $10 Off
More than $37.50 20% Off
  • Some brands are not eligible for discounts: Wusthof knives and Waterford crystal, for instance.
  • Just because you’re getting 20% off doesn’t mean you’re getting the best deal. Price similar items at Target, Walmat, Boscov’s or Macy’s.
  • Don’t let a coupon ‘burn a hole in your pocket’. In other words, don’t feel compelled to buy something, anything just because you have a coupon.
  • If not using a coupon on some of the items you are purchasing, make sure the prices are in line with other retailers.
  • If you return an item purchased with a coupon, you will be refunded the net cost you paid but will not get to reuse the coupon.
  • Use your BB&B coupons judiciously, i.e. don’t use up your supply purchasing a bunch of $4.00 items. (see next point)
  • The last few years, the supply of BB&B coupons has been scaled WAY BACK. Traditionally they arrived via mail or in the Sunday newspaper. In late 2016, there was even talk that BB&B would eliminate coupons altogether! Apparently, the coupons have been too Keep track of the ones you’ve got!
  • Don’t have any BB&B coupons laying around? Sign up for email and get a one-time 20% off online or in-store.

Do you have a Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping experience to share — please post or send me an email. Meanwhile: be frugal; be wise.

Cheers, Paul

P.S. I tallied our collection of BB&B coupons accumulated over the years: 34 – 20% off, 19 – $5 off, 4 – $10 off. We should be OK for a while.

© 2017 Paul J Reimold

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