A Class on Personal Finance

tenth-logoFYI for readers in the Philadelphia area: I will be teaching a class on stewardship and personal finance at Tenth Presbyterian Church starting Sunday, December 18, 9:00 – 10:15 AM, in Fellowship Hall east. There will be 9 sessions running through February 26, 2017 (no class on Christmas or New Year’s Day).

The class will be interactive and tailored to the financial questions, needs challenges and goals of the individuals attending. Bring questions!

Here are some of the proposed topics:

  • A Biblical perspective on money, wealth, stewardship and contentment
  • Practical suggestions on becoming savvy consumers, cutting costs,  stretching dollars and living below your means.
  • Getting out of debt, staying out if debt. Good debt vs. bad debt
  • Saving and investing: the power of compounding, the importance of an emergency fund, long term investment for college and retirement. Saving for a house.
  • Legal essentials, particularly for families with young children.

Please join us if you can. Information on parking can be found on Tenth’s website.  Regards, Paul

Photo: artoflove.com

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