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A Preview of Upcoming Posts and a Survey Too

For some time, I have been thinking about articles for the blog, jotting down ideas and completing a few drafts. Today, I’m sharing a few of these ideas with you and am providing you the opportunity to give your input through a survey.

I envision my posting topics will fall into one of the following categories – in some cases a posting could be placed in more than one category.

  • A Frugal Mindset
  • The Savvy Consumer
  • Money Saving Ideas
  • Investing and Building Wealth
  • Getting out of Debt
  • Autos and Big Ticket Purchases
  • Funding College
  • Funding Retirement

Here’s a preview of upcoming posts with a synopsis:

  • 20 Years Later, Revisiting The Millionaire Next Door –Thomas Stanley’s classic book, first published in 1996, still has relevance today.
  • How LED Light Bulbs Can Brighten Your Budget – I consider LED light bulbs a disruptive technology as well as a great way to slash your utility bills.
  • Keep Your Finances Weird – be warned. Once you adopt a frugal lifestyle, you might stick out from the rest of the crowd.
  • The Morning Latte: Traveling to Road to Ruin on Four Dollars a Day? – inspired by David Bach’s 2005 book The Automatic Millionaire and the phrase he coined, “the Latte Factor.” Over time, small, daily expenses can have detrimental impact on your finances.
  • Catch the Little Foxes – lessons on personal finance from the Bible’s Song of Solomon
  • Pennies a Day: The Power of Compounding – find out how much a penny can grow, if doubled every day for a month
  • Automated Savings – if you don’t see it, you’re (much) less likely to spend it
  • Growin’ Up Po’ in Memphis – money lessons from growing up in the South, the eldest of 7 children
  • Reading Between the Stars – taking Amazon and other online product reviews with a grain of salt and an objective point of view

If you will, please take a moment to complete the survey. It can be found below in this posting or else you can access it by clicking on “Survey” from the top menu. Please only one survey per person (it’s an honor system).

The survey has just four questions: (1) Rank your interest in the posting categories (2) Rank your interest in the upcoming posts (3) Suggest new categories and topics (4) General suggestions for Frugal, Wealthy and Wise.



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